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Transort pigeons 2018

Transort pigeons 2018
Schedule transport pigeons is 1.april 2018,  Czech, Germany, Holland and Belgium.
12. april 2018 Austria ,Italy, Hungary. 24. april 2018 Hungary, Romania Bulgaria.
7. may 2018 Czech, Germany , Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria. 
19.may 2018 Polland. 2. juni 2018 Czech, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Suiss, Austria.

GPS ring 2018

GPS ring 2018
only in 2018 you can control the pigeons on the race. Gps ring we give the pigeon before the race or by training. Of course, I am interested in flights around the dove. It will be very interesting now. For your absolute control, we will do everything.

FUGARE 2018 Belgium.

FUGARE 2018 Belgium.
With exhibitors and visitors from over 15 countries, Fugare again prepares for the ultimate international pigeon meeting of the year. Over 100 (!) vendors will present you all their novelties. This year, the focus mainly goes to health in pigeon racing, with a wide range of nutrition and food supplements, the presence of respected pigeon doctors and an exhibition on ‘Retro Pigeon Sport’.In addition, at Fugare you will find everything you need for building a pigeon loft, you can discover the latest innovations in the field of electronic recording systems and you can complete your collection by purchasing a variety of accessories. Finally, the fair again brings together quite some top fanciers and champions and various auction sites, one loft races and transport companies will be present.Fugare ensures a full and international offer as well as a full-day side programme with several award ceremonies. We will see you in hall 6 of Kortrijk Xpo (B) on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February 2018.

Nové kamery vo WSD

Nové kamery vo WSD
Pre účastníkov 2018 máme pripravený naozajstný luxus. S pohodlia  svojho domu, bytu, či práce nás môžete sledovať v HD kvalite pred a počas tréningu či preteku a pred a počas košovania. Hlavný banner pod logom sa zmení na obrazový tv panel a tu si už asi každý príde na svoje. Už žiadne odkazy na rôzne stránky a kopírovanie odkazov do prehliadača. Všetko tu pod jednou strechou. U nás. Prenos budú zabezpečovať 3 hd kamery s réžiou. P.S.  nezabudni si zapnúť zvuk.

The Reasons why to be with us

New, luxury equipment, new people, new show.

You can win up to 6 times, every race is rewarded with prizes, the winnings are up to 280 000 EUR.

100% care for your pigeons, food, medicine and a professional team of animal attendants. Only in our place the pigeons will be darkened.

All can be watched on 17 online cameras 24 hours a day. Guarantee of paying out of winnings.

Only in our place we enable access to the facility and to the pigeons for the doping tests any time.

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