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TOPIGEON V8 on Slovakia!

TOPIGEON V8 on Slovakia!
We are very pleased to be using TOPIGEON this year too. The edit and the result structure will be modified into a new design. I think now that it will be great. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Milan Blahovsky from the Slovak Federation for having presented this exceptional system at the conference and finally this year he will be able to use it also by Slovak breeders. We can not explain the nonsensical behavior of the Slovak Union officials against this system. Common sense wins again, and we'll wait for more of them on their side.

Pigeons 2017

Pigeons 2017
As many foreign breeders and participants have expressedinterest in their pigeons in the 2017 season, we have decided to accept themwithout a right for commission. We kindly ask owners of finished pigeons from the522-km final race who are interested in their pigeons to contact us via thecontact form at the bottom of our website for proper delivery. This can be doneby March 2, 2018. After this date, unwanted pigeons not be given away throughthe WSD.

Holuby 2017

Holuby 2017
Nakoľko prejavilo mnoho zahraničných chovateľov a účastníkov v sezóne 2017 záujem o svoje holuby, rozhodli sme sa im vyhovieť bez nároku na odmenu. Žiadame majiteľov holubov doletených z finálového preteku 522 km, ktorí majú záujem o svoje holuby, aby nás kontaktovali prostredníctvom kontaktného formulára v spodnej časti webu pre správne doručenie. Toto je možné urobiť do 2.3.2018. Po tomto dátume budú  holuby, o ktoré nebude záujem darované prostredníctvom WSD.

Transort pigeons 2018

Transort pigeons 2018
Schedule transport pigeons is 1.april 2018,  Czech, Germany, Holland and Belgium.
12. april 2018 Austria ,Italy, Hungary. 24. april 2018 Hungary, Romania Bulgaria.
7. may 2018 Czech, Germany , Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria. 
19.may 2018 Polland. 2. juni 2018 Czech, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Suiss, Austria.

The Reasons why to be with us

New, luxury equipment, new people, new show.

You can win up to 6 times, every race is rewarded with prizes, the winnings are up to 280 000 EUR.

100% care for your pigeons, food, medicine and a professional team of animal attendants. Only in our place the pigeons will be darkened.

All can be watched on 17 online cameras 24 hours a day. Guarantee of paying out of winnings.

Only in our place we enable access to the facility and to the pigeons for the doping tests any time.

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