We are a new modern ONE LOFT RACE organisation
in the Slovak Republic


and this we take care, that the transparency is kept for all participants of our OLR WEST. We offer a real cultural and sport experience to the participants not only with the possibility of winnings in SMS competitions, but especially the possibility to meet the people, who love this beautiful sport. Only in our events you can bet with SMS in various categories and of course everybody can join in. 


In a new loft, a professional team of animal attendants will take care of the pigeons and they will prepare reports for you in this web page every day. In the place, where the loft is located, there will be a beautiful complex built by 3/2017 with the capacity of 700 places for sitting, with two bars and a restaurant. Therefore we kindly invite you to participate in all six races, where there will certainly be a perfect atmosphere and meeting with the top representatives of this beautiful sport. 


Our main idea for establishing of a new OLR  in Slovakia was to get this sport into the awareness even of ordinary people, in order that they join the competitions and start to  perceive this sport as a  high prestige. We use all the available media products which are on the market at the moment just to assure you about the care in our OLR.

The Reasons why to be with us

New, luxury equipment, new people, new show.

You can win up to 6 times, every race is rewarded with prizes, the winnings are up to 220 000 EUR.

100% care for your pigeons, food, medicine and a professional team of animal attendants. Only in our place the pigeons will be darkened.

All can be watched on 17 online cameras 24 hours a day. Guarantee of paying out of winnings immediately after the race.

Only in our place we enable access to the facility and to the pigeons for the doping tests any time.


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Mr. Ladislav Pesek from Czech Republic PARTICIPANT 2017 WSD

Mr. Ladislav Pesek from Czech Republic PARTICIPANT 2017 WSD
80s Ladislav Pesek of Sedlčany CZ is a participant of the WSD in the year 2017. He is a great master and a few champions in CZ. It is amazing that we have been able to address this master. WE THANK YOU

The first 106 pigeons in Sectore C

The first 106 pigeons in Sectore C
Today relocated relocated pigeons to SECTOR C2-3.
I held each pigeon in my hand. Everyone is totally awesome and ready for the first flight 5.5. The pigeons are alive and fly. There is life here.
We are looking forward to attending."/>

The first flight !

The first flight !
5.5.2017 is the planned launch of the first pigeons in the WSD. We will be broadcast live on this web site and the LIVE START CAMERA button. You can also watch it on the FACEBOOK icon in the top right corner. This transfer will be online until it's over.
We are looking forward to attending.

Today we move the pigeons!

Today we move the pigeons!
The first transported pigeons today move to SECTOR C2-3. I do not know whether they will stay here, but gradually I will fill this prist where there is a capacity of 2176 pigeons. There will be a maximum of 1600 pigeons delivered in this SECTORE. There will be another mode as before. All pigeons are prepared for this! She pressed for an hour and whistled. There must be maximum discipline here.

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