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International test station for racing pigeons – WEST SLOVAK DERBY

Establisher: WEST SLOVAK DERBY, civil association

Seat: WEST SLOVAK DERBY, Libichava 40, 956 38 Šišov, Slovak Republic

Company registration number: 50605739

Telephone: +421 917 990 099


Purpose of the test station:

The main aim of the Test station WEST is to test the quality of delivered pigeons among participants at timed training race flights. The most successful participants will be rewarded with prize money and valuable prizes. The race will be supervised by independent racing pigeons fanciers and delegates. See “Test station supervising¨.

Pigeons registration:

Participants and pigeons can be registered by filling the registration or booking form only on the website

The capacity of the loft is 1 100 teams. Every team consists of 4 pigeons, where 3 of the pigeons are active and 1 is substitutive. Personal reception of the pigeons starts on Wednesday 01/02/2017 and ends on Wednesday 31/05/2017 always in time from 9:00 to 17:00. Collection spots and contacts in particular countries will be highlighted on the website in the section Transport – collection spots.

Accepted will be only pigeons that are paid, signed and confirmed by the organizer.

Conditions of acceptance:

  • Each pigeon must have a life ring corresponding to the  year of entry,
  • Proof of ownership must accompany each pigeon entered
  • A health certificate must be provided dated within a month of entry to the loft
  • Vaccination against paramyxovirus no later than 4 days before shipping and a registered certificate provided Pedigrees must be provided and signed by the breeder

Entrance Fee:

Payment for entry fees can be made by direct bank transfer or cash deposit. Entry fee for one team for the year 2017 is 850€.

Bank transfer:

  • Prima banka Slovensko, a.s.
  • SK83 5600 0000 0091 6225 3001
  • Swift: KOMASK2X
  • Please mark your transfer clearly with your name, and country of origin

Health care and treatment:

Complex health care for the pigeons will be provided on a weekly basis by the vet Gabriela Ondriášová DVM. and also by the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice under the supervision of Doc. Ladislav Molnár Ph.D.

A small ambulance with quarantine will be provided in the Test station WEST. Consultations about drugs will be held also with the vet from Belgium, Mr. Frans Maas from the Belgica De Weerd company.

Caretaker’s duties:

  • Every year, caretaker of the test station WEST will be publicly known person from the field of pigeon sports. Caretaker’s obligations are approved by the Nursing Committee consisting of 5 independent and disinterested homing pigeons fanciers of the Test station WEST.
  • The caretaker must be over 18 years old and pursue actively pigeon sports. The caretaker and his close family cannot actively participate in the TS WEST competitions. The caretaker must strictly adhere to the instructions approved by committee.
  • Selected caretaker creates a weekly schedule of the TS WEST, which must be after Nursing Committee’s approval fulfilled properly. The procedure can be changed only when directed by the supervising veterinarian. The Nursing Committee is selected by the founder of TS WEST. Selection procedure for the position of caretaker of the TS WEST will be held up to 15/12/2016 and the successful candidate will be informed in writing.
  • Future caretaker of the TS WEST can choose products and feed for creating the weekly schedule only from the brands of contracted partners of the TS WEST for a particular year.
  • The caretaker must provide safety at work under the Laws of Slovak republic. The caretaker will have company car, notebook and mobile phone at the disposal.
  • The caretaker is also a chief controller during the deployment of pigeons to the training and race. The caretaker must in no case feed and give water to pigeons beyond the plan. The caretaker in the TS WEST must not use any of the banned substances nor favour individual departments.

Breeding facility – the loft:

The loft is built in L-shape and put into use as a wooden construction. The roof is covered with roofing tiles. Interior equipment of the loft contains wooden beams and the seats will be plastic. Screens are made of 2mm welded steel. Aviaries are in front of each department in the dimensions of 1100x2300mm.

The loft is divided into 8 sections as follows: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2 and C3. Maintenance and disinfection of the loft will be carried out every Saturday, or as needed.  Only persons chosen by the caretaker of the TS WEST can clean the loft. Each section of the loft is equipped with FULL HD camera with night vision and it is also possible to playback records up to 7 days back. The loft is guarded properly. Only owner, caretaker, veterinarian, members of  the Deployment Committee and trained staff for cleaning and disinfection are allowed to enter the TS WEST during the season.

It is possible to visit and make TS WEST available for the general public only after the last race and only until the end of the particular calendar year. This regulation does not apply to the premises of TS WEST

Every training and race can be followed online on the website in the section ONLINE CAMERA or personally in the area of TS WEST in Libichava. The loft will be available anytime during the season for independent inspectors for blood sampling for an anti-doping control. The control can be made several times during the season.

Supervision of the Test station:

Supervision and transparency of the TS WEST will be performed by the Board of Supervisors consisting of 7 members – the owner of TS WEST, one legal TS WEST adviser, four members of the Supervisory Board will be selected from the leading positions in pigeon sports from Slovakia and Czech Republic, and one member of the top management of TS WEST. The Supervisory Board is the highest authority in the TS, ensuring proper functioning of the entire TS WEST, communication with everybody involved, contracts approval, transparency and guarantee of payment of the winnings, authentication of winnings and SMS competitions. 

Supervisory board members or family members cannot compete in the TS WEST. The Supervisory Board confirms the validity and fairness of all trainings and competitions. All decisions, instructions and attitudes of the Supervisory Board will be published on the website in the section “Supervisory Board¨. All decisions of the Supervisory Board are constant.

Monitoring system:

Monitoring system in TS WEST is ensured by an Austrian company MEGA SYSTEM. TS WEST will be linked to the web portal MEGA SYSTEM-LOFT RACE, where all trainings and races will be available online on the website in the section ONLINE transfer. The LOFT SCAN function allows you to verify the participation of your pigeons in TS WEST at anytime. The owner and an independent Deployment Committee consisting of 5 members will supervise the verification and launch of the  MEGA SYSTEM system before every training and race.

Deployment committee:

Deployment committee is selected by the Supervisory Board and consists of 5 members. The members of DC will be chosen randomly from the associations of SZCHPH (Slovak Racing Pigeon Fancier Association) and notified 14 days prior to the deployment of pigeons to the training or race. 

Every year, DC consists of different members for every training and race. Members of DC cannot deploy pigeons to the training or race 2 times in the same calendar year. DC must follow all rules and regulations of the FCI and SZCHPH related to the deployment of pigeons to the training or race. 

Members of DC or their family members cannot compete in the TS WEST. Members of DC will confirm the authenticity and transparency of the deployment of pigeons by signing the protocol of deployment. The TS WEST’s caretaker will verify the fairness of deployment by his signature. Every deployment of the pigeons to the training or race will be available ONLINE on our website in the section ONLINE CAMERA.

TS WEST prizes:

Prizes and winners in the TS WEST will be divided into categories: TS WEST participants and TS WEST SMS voters.

Participants play for prizes listed in the section WINS on the website. The winners will be rewarded also in the training flights. SMS voters will be able to vote through a short SMS number available for the country they will be present at the moment of sending the message. The cost of one SMS is 0,40€. SMS competition starts always the day after the verification of the results of TS WEST DR.

SMS voting will be closed by releasing pigeons from the starting point.

SMS sent after the start of pigeons will not be included in the draw.

SMS voting is possible within 5 winning categories. Form of the SMS is following: VOTING CATEGORY space NUMBER/TEXT. Example: PIGEON 1322 or SECTOR A2. All examples will be given on our website in the section SMS VOTING.

SMS voting options:

1. category – PIGEON number. 2. category – TEAM number. 3. category – SECTOR of the winning loft. 4. category – COUNTRY of origin of the winning pigeon. 5. category – COLOUR of the winning pigeon.

All winning SMS tips will be included in the draw and system will choose the winner randomly. Everything will be online on our website. Management member will contact the winner immediately after the draw in order to pay out the prize.

TS WEST participants will play besides prize money also for other valuable prizes: passenger car, vacation, notebook, tablet, mobile phone. SMS voting rules will be published on the website For OLR WEST this service provides: PIGEONS RACE SERVICE.

TS WEST prize categories and conditions of the competition:

  • only activated pigeon from paid team can compete and play for prizes in a race,
  • team consists of 3 + 1 substitutive pigeon. In case that one activated pigeon from paid team is lost, the substitutive is activated immediately,
  • in case that not even one of the pigeons from the paid team gets to the first race, the owner receives from TS WEST the entire entry fee or gets one team in the next year for free,
  • in case that the entire team, including the substitute, gets to the first race, it is possible to activate the substitute for a fee 100 € so this pigeon could play for prizes. The payment shall contain a serial number of the pigeon and the acknowledgement of payment must be sent to the TS WEST’s email address up to 11/08/2017 until 20:00h,
  • all acknowledgements of payment sent after this date will not be accepted and an inactive pigeon won’t be able to play for prizes in the race. TS WEST sends report information to activate pigeon on 17/08/2017,
  • all prize categories and awarded places are listed on the website in the section WINS.

Pigeons training:

All pigeon trainings are listed on our website in the section RACE CALENDAR.

Deployment of the pigeons:

We will discuss weather and the overall situation with our partner SHMÚ (Slovak Hydro Meteorological Institute) three days before every training or race.

SHMÚ offers this service 24h per day.

In case of bad weather or bad health condition of the pigeons on the day of training or race TS WEST reserves the right to change the date of the training or race.

The deployment of pigeons will be available online 15 minutes before the start and during the starting period on our website in the section LIVE VIDEO.

Starter calls the owner 5 minutes before releasing the pigeons and confirms that everything is all right and he allows the start of the race.

The whole race will be available online on the TS WEST’s cameras. The starter will be selected randomly among the Hungary breeders. Supervising veterinarian and caretaker will report the information about pigeons’ state of health before every training and race. Available on the website in the section REPORTS.

Conditions of pigeons booking:

You can book particular teams in the TS WEST since October 2016. Breeder fills out the booking form, marking how many teams he wants to book.

With this step breeder has to pay a booking fee 425€ for every team. In case the booking is cancelled up to 01/01/2017, the booking fee will be refunded in the full rate. Cancellations made after this date will be charged a cancellation fee 100€ in behalf of the TS WEST. Breeder pays the second half of booking fee 425€ after filling out the proper booking form at the latest 14 days before passing pigeons to the TS WEST.

Collection spots:

Collection spots will be listed from 01/01/2017 on our website in the section TRANSPORT. It is possible to contact our representative in each country. 

Contacts can be found on our website in the section CONTACT by clicking on the flag of your country.

The TS WEST lorry will transport pigeons and participants do not have to pay transportation fee. After import to the TS WEST pigeons will be housed in particular sectors.

Auction of pigeons:

Auction of pigeons will take place online through the portal on the day of final race.

TS WEST reserves the right of distribution of the auctioned amount so that 60% of the auctioned amount will be remitted to the owner on his personal account and the remaining 40% is acquired for the benefit of TS WEST. Owner of the auctioned pigeon agrees with the auction and confirms it in the booking form. 40% acquired from the auction for the benefit of TS WEST will be used for charitable purposes. 

TS WEST pays a fee of 40% share of the auctioned amount to the portal The owner of TS WEST remits the auctioned amount on personal account of the owner of auctioned pigeon at the latest on the first working day after the final race.

Prize payment:

After the Supervisory Board approves the results, the TS WEST owner pays out all winnings on personal account of the winner listed in the booking form at the latest one day after the results are announced. In case the race will be held on the day of rest, the prize will be paid on the next working day at the latest.

The TS WEST owner guarantees the payment of prizes even when capacity of the loft is filled to 50%. The TS WEST owner reserves the right to modify prizes with a filling capacity less than 50% of the loft.