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We visited HOUTEN in the Netherlands. When I came to the show with me welcomed our party in West Derby SLOVAK Hoollwerf Mr. Piet from Holland. We built a exposure in about 45 minutes. Visitors to the exhibition were many - my guess about 15 000. In our stand stopped many breeders from all over Europe. I felt tremendous support from visitors. Kurt Helgesen from Norway (otherwise our party) told me comments and suggestions which direction should I go and what should I be aware. It was a very touching interview with this very likeable boss. It was felt tremendous support from his party. Most comfort him our information system.


What I really did not expect even I dream that in our flag of the European champion long track Mr. Batenburg van de MERWE heard about us and you better come see for yourself. I gave him full information about our OLR. Batenburg was very excited and at the end he added that it certainly will be registered.