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WEST SLOVAK DERBY was introduced in Germany!

On 22-23.10.2016 our new Test station WEST SLOVAK DERBY was introduced in Germany in Kassel.

After an exhausting journey to Kassel in Germany, we have finally arrived on 22.10.2016 in the morning. I was in this place for the first time and this town has impressed me immediately.

My TEAM - Peter Iláš, Tibor Mócik, Miloslav Krošlák was ready enough for any questions from the breeders and I can say, that they were ready enough for any questions from the breeders and that they coped with this task perfectly.

We are a new test station and our main goal was to show to all of our potential participants, that we mean it seriously.

We had many visitors from various countries. I was impressed by an elderly couple from Holland. I do not remember their names any more, but I liked his reaction towards us. I like humour and funny people and this man is certainly one of them. At the end of our discussion, he promised, that he would certainly participate in our One Loft Race in 2017! I am sending him this message - We are looking forward to meet you in our One Loft Race!

Slovakia is a beautiful country! We have received various questions from various people and one of the questions was – What will you show us in Slovakia in your region?

To be honest, I expected this question! Of course, we were also thinking about this and I was not surprised. Every race in our OLR will be awarded with prizes and that is another reason for visiting our OLR WEST.

WEST SLOVAK DERBY is a VIP partner of the company Pelican Airlines. Every participant can address a question to us - ʺHow do I get to you?ʺ any time. We not only arrange the flight ticket but also transfer our guests from the airport to us. Therefore there is no stress connected with travelling. A complete programme, in order you do not forget about us, can be selected from our current offer. Our partner in this section is a SPA TOWN of PIEŠTANY.

My general impression from this PROMOTION is perfect and I would like to say thank you to everybody, who is helping TS WEST in any way and first of all to my beautiful partner Alica, who is supporting me in this project so much.

P.S. See you in Holland.