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Loft Reports

Loft report 14.9.2017

After yesterday's race, the pigeons are very tired. Not only did they fly 358 km in my opinion, they went much more. The first pigeons came from the east of Zvolen. The first came 9 pigeons. Then it was flying again from the direction and then again from the east. It was really beautiful. Pigeons have a very strict regime now. Hours are decided.

Loft report 26.8.2017

Today, I'm making the last race before the first race. Very good range. Except for a few laggards. My opinion is that these pigeons will be shown in long lines. You must judge your state of health yourself. The speed was 1300 m / m. Today we change the whole feed for ENERGY feed + diet + SUPERYOUNG. This mixture will feed the pigeons until the end of the season. We have a couple of weeks ahead of us so I personally want everybody to stand in for them and that his pigeon gets to the final.

Loft report 18.8.2017

This morning I let the pigeons go after the transplant. It was not what ever before, but I think the pigeons got out of the disease. I changed a little training plan. I do not want to burden them a lot now. Even if tomorrow is a good flight so on Sunday we would give 20 KM. We will see. I'm not interested in missing pigeons. We discovered the cause of the infection by returning to about 20 pigeons that were missing for about a month and therefore before pigeons were chipped. This could be the cause of poor health. So far, everything is all right.

Loft report 14.8.2017 -  00:11

Now I'm back from the dove and I do not like my absolute health. I practice the treatment of pigeons. In the morning, the pigeons were given dietary food and nothing was lost. The pigeons are very weak in the body. Now I'm back from the dove and I do not like my absolute health. I practice the treatment of pigeons. In the morning, the pigeons were given dietary food and nothing was lost. The pigeons are very weak in the body.

Loft report 13.8.2017

Today we have a great day. Pigeon Basket at 17:00 for tomorrow's training Dunajská Streda 83 km. The pigeons are flying in the evening yesterday for 1:26 hours. He was an annoyance but was seen to enjoy it. We'll see how it will come tomorrow. Many pigeons are bumped together and have a good incentive to go home to WSD. Every day we find our eggs on the grid. The dove coming from Surany training also had eggs.

Loft report 31.7.2017

Hello. Today I have a very beautiful night. It's because we've done a pigeon and three NITRA 45 KM training. According to the timetable, we should have the pigeons discharged in Čakajovka just as I caught the pigeons and looked at their muscles. It was clear to me that it was useless. We have to go further. Beautiful start in the morning at 7:00. Pigeons have already understood everything I want from them. Even today they showed it beautiful. The direction from the South was a great choice for OLR WEST SLOVAK DERBY and I thank Ing. Vidhold Miroslav. There is no hill and no hitter and pigeon at all. In the morning it was 22 degrees celsius and almost no wind. The pigeons were down about 500 times. It was what to do this morning.

Loft report 26.7.2017

Today super training at the village KRTOVCE. We dropped pigeons in 20 minutes. Elegant flying. Each flounder flew alongside Inovec and direction Libichava. The wind was good. Further training is scheduled on Saturday.
Pigeons are in hand...

Loft report 25.7.2017

Tomorrow morning we're going to another training. We will finish it in the morning at 6:00 and will release 150-200 pigeons at a time. This morning the pigeons flew fantastically. Everything can be seen on Facebook.

Loft report 24.7.2017

This morning a beautiful hour flight. Pigeons are in fantastic form. Immediately after opening the door everything out. It's really an experience. I look forward to putting the pigeons in the baskets.
I think I'm going. The weather will be fine. Wind South.

Loft report 23.7.2017

I greet you all. I did not write for a long time and I apologize for it all we have as if it were a routine. Pigeons are in excellent condition. Feeding is done twice a day. Of course, watch the cameras. If the weather is good, we will go to training center KRTOVCE for 25 km. There is no hurry. Pretreatment is in standard mode. It is very helpful for one English dental preparation to support immunity. It is in yellow drink holders. Flight pigeons are very good and pigeons fly a big circle. Time to return to the dove is about 1:30 o'clock. So far everything is on schedule. Hold us your thumbs.

Loft report 12.7.2017 - 3:00 AM

Good morning. We are currently preparing to dove pigeons. It is 3:00 in the morning and the sky is very long. For this reason, I decided to cancel the training today. In case of good weather, the training will take place in the coming days.

Loft report 25.6.2017

Hello after a long time. It does not make sense to write every day the same thing, so I write it every other week. Everything is OK right now. The state of health is at a very good level. The bug is a pigeon per unit. I think now that the pigeons are ready for the first training. Huge interest in the feed and taught on the bed. We're doing everything right. If it was something special, it certainly makes sense to write it here. Only everything is still the same. Pigeons are flying.

Loft report 18.6.2017

Pigeons are in excellent shape. They are still more and more flying. I do not write here every day. There is no reason to write here. The same thing. I will drop the pigeons in the morning and have free movement all day. 80 liters of water and 60 kg of feed every day. If it were a drop, it is the consequence of starting a disease. We have everything right and we are slowly getting ready for the first training.

Loft report 11.6.2017

We have a weekend behind and go to work week. The pigeons are in excellent condition. Today and yesterday the pigeons swam. We are leaving at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

Loft report 9.6.2017

Today and the whole weekend the pigeons will be closed. Prevention of tricho and cocci

Loft report 6.6.2017

Pigeons are still off. Do what they want. I'm leaving them at 6:45 in the morning. The pigeons got used to it. 10.6. We will remove all pigeons from SECTOR B1 and they will all be together in the upper SECTOR C. Everything is OK. Flying pigeons fly. I still feel life here.

Loft report 4.6.2017

The pigeons have mercy today and tomorrow. In Slovakia, pigeon races and a lot of countries flying through Slovakia will not be provocative. In the afternoon it frowns and it rains still.

Loft report 3.6.2017

Today it is very hot. Pigeons swim and relax. Nothing now wants anyone, and I do not want anything. The pigeons breathe a breath, and they were beautifully wrapped up in the evening. Everything I'm trying to stream on our FB profile. Click on the blue F icon at the top right and you can watch everything at any time.

Loft report 1.6.2017

I apologize very much, but there was a lot of it yesterday. Yesterday and today the pigeons were closed. Tomorrow they will be released. In the morning I will make a live broadcast on facebook. Otherwise everything is fine.

Loft report 30.5.2017

This morning I dropped the pigeons at 6:30 o'clock. They flew from dove in three groups of about 150 pigeons. I can only say that the state of health is here. A few individuals are definitely not quite fit. The pigeons floated this morning to a tremendous height. One group flew to the direction of Halačovce, the second group to the village of Tvrdomestice and the third group to the village Šišov. I notice that they were at a huge height and without a sinking. Only the shoes were seen in the sky. We will see how they can withstand it.

Loft report 29.5.2017

Today's elegant flight. Super fitness of young people. Taste to eat big. All right now. Let's see how it will come in the morning tomorrow.

Loft report 26.5.2017

Today is beautiful weather. Pigeons are still in the aisle. Bathing pigeons was beautiful. The Pigeons flew about 1:15 and they fled too far. It's the beauty to watch them fly. The pigeons are always feeding. This weekend the pigeons will be closed until Tuesday.

Loft report 23.5.2017

I'm gonna make a big effort tonight I was witnessing the beginning form. It was really what to watch. Pigeons very high. She's really reading her life. Feeds take pigeons more and more.

Loft report 22.5.2017

Everything was ok, the pigeons were closed over the weekend

Loft report 20.5.2017

Today, more than 800 pigeons are already in SECTORE C. They are all
Mostly all day in the aviary. Tomorrow the pigeons are closed. Tonight, I'm going to transport about 250 more pigeons to SECTOR C tonight.

Loft report 19.5.2017

There was no exception on the dove. Everything is in the norm.

Loft report 18.5.2017

Today, the comfort of the sun. Morning was about 35 minutes flying. Pigeons are warming up on the roof all day. About 300 pigeons walk out of the dove. Only about 200. Others only fly. For information, all pigeons drink 50-60 liters of water per day. 20 kg of feed per day is still consumed.

Loft report 17.5.2017

Hello. Today it was very fast this morning. A group of about 40 pigeons fought away. When I walk away I think so I did not see them for about an hour. There were about 350 pigeons out of the dove today. They were flying and trained all day around Libichava. It's really a great experience. Today, about 300 pigeons have been quarantined.

Loft report 16.5.2017

Today the pigeons are released all day. Flight and taste are still there.

Loft report 14.5.2017

This morning, about 300 pigeons were out of the dove. Every day they go more and more out. They are beautiful flying.

Loft report 13.5.2017

The pigeons are healthy and fly. Everything is still on schedule. They fly very high. I buy a laser and measure laser height. We are testing pigeons!

Loft report 12.5.2017

This morning I did not shoot the pigeons as they started from the dove. But I send a photo from the morning feed. Assess yourself. I personally like it very much. In the morning, about 160 pigeons fled and it was about 40 minutes

Loft report 11.5.2017

Hello. Today the pigeons were very high and very far away. Already lie about 120 pigeons. I think so right. They respond to everything at a brutal speed. Today it was black. Beautiful flying pigeons. It was 37 minutes in the morning. But they were very far and high. We'll see tomorrow. The weather was beautiful today. You may have noticed that I do not have pigeons in the pigeon during the day. They are all in the sun in the aviary.

Loft report 10.5.2017

Yesterday the pigeons were closed. This morning, at 7:00, the sky scratch. Lietalo about 100 pigeons. Very nice.In the loft is 981 pigeons.

Loft report 8.5.2017

This morning the pigeons flew for about 45 minutes. This piece of about 30 pigeons was far from the pigeon. They have returned very well.

Loft report 7.5.2017

As seen in the picture, pigeons have a great appetite. Life is here. We still fly sector C

Loft report 6.5.2017

We're One Loft Race So that's why it should not be a secret what we do with your young pigeons. You have invested in your retailers, and you are expecting the best result this year so that your pigeon just came out of the final race. I will therefore make the maximum. And I take this as a great challenge in my life. Today, they have been given a wine-growing product to support growth. Garlic and beer yeast. I am a great proponent of nature!
All pigeons have a tremendous appetite. Super boys and divine.

Loft report 5.5.2017

Today was the historic moment for me. We were pigeoning the pigeons out for the first time. I had a very small heart and I would not have the blood. Finally, everything on a unit. Pigeons at home and even those who fly very high today. Today it was about 120 pigeons outside. One big break was when wild ducks began to migrate. Those pigeons were very scared. A group of about 7 pigeons and a white one flying very high among them. Now we have free until Monday and we are leaving again Monday.

Loft report 4.5.2017

Everything is ready for tomorrow. Pigeons are cool, so if we do not go raining tomorrow, let's go.

Loft report 3.5.2017

Today it is still cloudy and is quite cold. White pigeons still somehow recharges out. Just two days. Let's do it.

Loft report 2.5.2017

Everything OK. No signs of any problem. Pigeons still in the aviary. I do not even want to sleep inside.

Loft report 1.5.2017

Today the pigeons all day in the aviary. Sunshine and relax in the fresh air. Great. Some pigeons can not wait for the first flight. It feels good. I'm curious as it will be on Friday.

Loft report 28.4.2017

All 226 pigeons are already in SETCORE C. This weekend we have other pigeons. There is still a feeling for life. We are still training and we are going to 5.5.

Loft report 27.4.2017

Pigeons are still flying after SECTOR C. A 25-meter breakdown per day 20 times is enough to power up. Some pigeons are already on the second squad. I am curious how they will fly 5.5.

Loft report 26.4.2017

Today, the pigeons were for the first time in a big voliere. All day long. I think the pigeon liked it. Tomorrow we go again! Today feeding super.

Loft report 25.4.2017

18:00 I'm going to feed pigeons you can watch online at our FB profile. Pigeons are still famously flying through SECTOR C. It will not take long for them to go out. Follow us

Loft report 24.4.2017

Today the pigeons trained all day after the SECTORE C Flights 24m in length. One by one. Amazing birds. Today's food was really a bomb. The jack really works. B1 cool pigeons in a sun dial and nasty mode. Watch the cameras!

Loft report 23.4.2017

Today, quarantine for the first imported pigeons has ended. We move them to the new SECTOR. There we will be a bit tighter. Pigeons are fine. He's done everything in accordance with the plan. Hold us your thumbs to keep it that way.


Loft report 22.4.2017

Today, we marked another 137 pigeons originating from CZ and SK. Everything is fine and the pigeon's taste is great. We move the first imported pigeons tomorrow to our new home SECTOR C2-3.

Loft report 21.4.2017

So, today, great pigeons went to feed. Finally, the sun came out and tomorrow we are moving to a new department.

Loft report 20.4.2017

Today is a great winter again. I hope it will be over soon. Pigeons are still steaming. No problem here yet. Trenning as always after separation.

Loft report 19.4.2017

This pigeon comes from Norway. Already, he has excellent deposit body. It's a very lively pigeon. I watch it every day. His name is N4. I myself wonder at his performance.

Loft report 19.4.2017

Today is our day, cleaning disinfection whole SECTOR B1. Nikolas thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire area of the department. Contact with pigeons must be! Otherwise, pigeons are still flying and nimble and trained by the department. There's too cold!

Loft report 18.4.2017

Hello. Today it is very cold. Was felt from the north, the snow came. Pigeons always eat tastes. Everything is still normal. Pigeons flying across departments and still train.

Loft report 17.4.2017

Today nothing extra in the loft. Morning was very cold .Pigeons otherwise are fine. Feed take excellent deposit. To wheeze have become accustomed. Great.

Loft report 16.4.2017

Today there is a morning under a cloud. About the rain! Although there's life in this department! Feeding totally fantastic. Pigeons on whistling whistles came immediately to the feeder. Some pigeons are showing huge dominance. Soon to move to another sector. All you can see videos on our Facebook page
WSD - Luxury one loft race

Loft report 15.4.2017

This morning, the pigeons are particularly active. A few more days and we move into the sector C3 and C2. There will be free movement in this SECTORE and in aviaries on 140 m2 area. Here you go. Follow us on Facebook.

Loft report 14.4.2017

Feed your pigeons use only Vanrobaeys. Tip feed is not important. I will say only that they eat pigeons it perfectly. I am very satisfied with this product.

Loft Report 14.4.2017

Yesterday and today I started when feeding using whistles. 4 times yesterday and today 6 times. Completely famously to those pigeons they managed. Each feeding will now be notified whistle. Except for maybe a few pigeons that we all understand what I want from them. Great keep it up! All you can see on our FACEBOOK profile
WSD - Luxury one loft race

Loft report 11.4.2017

Today pigeons were flying by sector. The Sector B1 has a length 10 m in length, so the pigeons can fly cheerfully and learn to brake. Today I saw that about 6 times. First acrobatics has been seen on and also braking at around 90% have already mastered some better than yesterday. White pigeon is probably their leader. Otherwise, there is live.

This morning only 1 ° C in Libichava. The pigeons were training in sector B1. Super.

This morning only 1 ° C in Libichava.

Loft report 9.4.2017

Pigeons are properly identified and released to the Department SECTOR B1. I decided to ring sealed with each pigeon and the results will speak only the name pigeon and from what the State. Only the owner knows the name of his pigeon pigeon. Everything you have in the ability to track the participant's personal profile from 06.01.2017. Otherwise there is very lively.