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Veterinary Reports

Veterinary Report 14.8.2017

Since the evening, COBEL has been administered by BELGICA DE WEERD. We will see further developments. For the time being, it is still uncontrollably spread further. We are testing many options. We will also inform you.

Veterinary report 13.5.2017

Now there are about 470 pigeons ready for SECTOR C. So far they are in B. Everybody is now taking a 10-day quarantine.

Veterinary report 28.4.2017

Today, after checking, I did not find any deficiencies. Everything is on schedule. A couple of pigeons have been taken away from the game. Pigeons are firm and have a desire to eat. No signs of infection.

Veterinary report 20.4.2017

We have been giving probiotics the next day and it's scheduled for 27.4. 2017

Veterinary report 14.4.2017

Pigeons went into the second phase of our retreatment. Everything we do in our plan of Belgica de WEERD. Every young pigeon goes to all 10 days.
While we have no problem, and therefore I hope to stay that way

We brought the pigeons in the number of 106 pieces. Pigeons come from the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and the Czech Republic.All pigeons are currently in SECTOR B1 which runs 10-day quarantine and treatment by medical plant from BELGICA DE WEERD.After that date are transferred to B2 SECTOR.